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"Our lives are meant to unfold, to evolve, and that’s good. The only wrong thing, perhaps, is permanently hesitating on the verge of courage, which would prevent this process from taking place." Sue Monk Kidd

Hi, tēnā koe. 

I'm guessing you are here because you're unsure where to turn,

who to talk to, who to trust and who is safe?

It sounds like a rough place to be. 

Take a deep breath. It's OK; you're not alone. You've found AlreadyEnough. Others have found their way here, too, some adding their research, transforming faith, support and voices so you can feel safe. And it's just so true; you are AlreadyEnough

- truly enough - exactly as you are.

Purposefully designed, each page offers videos, books, blogs, links, stories, and some random but meaningful pondering - resources for you to discover, read, and connect. AlreadyEnough is easily laid out in six sections;  







We know you are probably here because most of what you've been taught around LGBTIQ+ and faith is that they are mutually exclusive - you can't be both at the same time. However, AlreadyEnough offers a mutually inclusive narrative and theology for you to (re)discover and consider.  


AlreadyEnough is the ground crew getting people off the runway with a flight plan  and oodles of resources. Where you land is between you and God. 
But be encouraged, do the mahi, and know the 'why'.

We hope that AlreadyEnough helps you find a way forward.

Hope, not in what we say or do, but hope already present in you. 
God's incredible inclusive embracing hope.

Amanda Pilbrow (she/her) 

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