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You Don't Know What You Don't Know -

Spiritually Directing LGBTIQA+ people of faith. Investigating Contemporary Knowledge Gaps, Gauging Awareness, and Resourcing Personal and Professional Development.

by Amanda Pilbrow


The growing edges of research and stories within and around LGBTIQA+ people of faith is an increasing area of interest, offering potential personal/professional growth within the task of spiritual direction. Awareness of resources and stories can unlock and open eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to the whispers of the Spirit in us, and the directee, in fresh and life-giving ways. The implications of identifying knowledge gaps and accessing and discerning credible resources for spiritual directors (SDs) are three-fold – personal/professional development, increased hospitable environments, and the directee's ongoing transformational growth within their SD's understanding of diverse sexuality, theology, and faith.

As SDs, we learn to discern and notice the movements of God, not only within personal/professional growth but within the people we direct from within Aotearoa’s communities. Movement and growth are guaranteed constants – even if there is resistance, unconscious or otherwise. Specifically, within the space of LGBTIQA+ and faith, how can SDs become aware of knowledge gaps, locate resources, and be adequately equipped to personally/professionally navigate changes ahead for ourselves - and directees?

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